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A couple of weeks ago NP Set had a fantastic sale on their web store. There were some great savings and I may haves splurged just a little (lot). But I did manage to pick up some basics that I’d been looking at. I will say that delivery did take about two weeks, but I assume that this had a lot to do with the sale.

Brand Basics
In case you don’t know NP set is the drugstore sub-brand of Napoleon Perdis. The range of cosmetics is mainly made up with basic and essential makeup items as well as a few skincare thrown in. From what I’ve seen prices and quality tend to be on par with other drugstore brands. The packaging of NP set makeup is very simple black writing on white minimalist design. This is nice as it gives a very clean look and everything matches. However, the packaging isn’t of the highest quality. NP Set products are available at Big W, Target, Myers, David Jones, a collection of stockist and from their online store.

Ok now I’m done with that I can get down to the fun stuff.

Prime Time Collection
Includes: Pre-Foundation Primer (normally $33.00)
  Pre-Foundation Bronzing Primer (normally $33.00)
Price: $29.00 ($37.00 saving)
Primers make up a large section of the NP set collection; this is hardly surprising if you consider Napoleon Perdis’ views on primer. I’ve currently be using Glamourflage’s Jane Gem Face Primer, but I’ve been thinking about trying something new (nothing wrong with that one though) and the NP Set primer was one I’d been considering. Well, seeing this great special I just couldn’t resist.
Pre-Foundation Primer (top) and Pre-Foundation Bronzing Primer (bottom)

Pre-Foundation Primer
This primer has a think tacky texture and a pail pearlescent pink but blends out transparent. It makes a nice base and does what primers should do, but I would prefer a primer which was a bit more smoothing for my skin.

Pre-Foundation Bronzing Primer
This primer is a bit thinner than the other and has a  golden-bronze colour blending to a light transparent bronze. The idea is to give a bronzed glow to your face. I wouldn’t have chosen this but it came at such a good price as part of the set. Bronzer it one of the makeup products I’m still afraid of and don’t use. I‘m hoping this will give similar results but with less results ( I’m referring to all over facial bronzing and not contouring).

Memory Foundation and Concealer Set 1
Includes: Memory Foundation in Extra Light (normally $38.00)
  Concealer Set (normally $28.00)
Price: $29.00 ($27.00 saving)
Another great save combo, this time with two types of products I’ve been needing.
Memory Foundation in Extra Light (bottom) and Concealer Set (ou tof order)

Memory Foundation
This winter my skin has gone extra pale and my normal winter foundation colours are just too dark for me. I was a bit naughty with this one and just ordered the lightest colour without know whether it would be right.  I got lucky and this is perfect for me (my wrist is lighter than my face and neck). This is actually more of a tinted moisturizer, which I’m happy with. It’s quite think but offers light coverage.

Concealer Set
Let me tell you a little secret; I’ve never had or used concealer. Even though breakouts cleared up last year, I still get the occasional blemish and I’ve started to get more noticeable dark circles. I think it’s about time I invested in a concealer. I’m attracted to the idea of this sort of set due to the customization that can be done. I’ll definitely have to play around with it to see how it works for me.

Pasarella Powder Foundation Set 1
Includes: Pasarella Powder Foundation in Extra Light (normally $38.00)
  Wallet Trio (normally $19.99)
Price: $25.00 ($32.99 saving)
More sets, I wanted the powder and it was only a couple dollars extra to get this set.

Pasarella Powder Foundation in Extra Light
To add a bit of extra coverage to my new foundation is the matching powder. It come with a little sponge, but I’m happier with a brush. Here too, I took a gamble with the colour and I’m lucky it played out. Which leads me to say that I know people with lighter skin than me and I’m beginning to feel rather sorry for them.

Wallet Trio
It’s always handy to have makeup bags about. These three are lined and padded which is extra helpful. This are cute and nice quality, but I would never pay $20 for a few makeup cases. I tend to be happy with the cheaper ones.

In Light (normally $23.00)
Price: $14.99 ($8.01 saving)
As I said I’ve never had concealer before, I chose to get a second one to experiment and work out what I prefer. This seems to be in a pretty standard pen-with-doe-foot form. However I try not to look at the end as the little whole gross me out (trypophobia at play).
Concealer doe-foot and swatch

Since I’m not familiar with concealers I’m not sure how it rates, but I haven’t had any problems with it and it seems to do the job.

Day-To-Night Palette
(normally $29.00)
Price: $14.00 ($15.01 saving)
The only nude-ish pallet I have is very shimmery, so I’ve been looking for one which is a little more sedate. And this seemed like a good idea. It has eight eye shadow colours and two blushes. I figure that the left shadows are for the day look and the right the night look. Each collection of shadows has one matte, one high shimmer highlighter and to shimmer colours. They don’t give the best colour payoff, but they are strong enough to give a subtle look.
Day-to-Night Palette: Left to right, a section at a time, each starting from the top left

The NP set website actually has a cute guide both a day and a night look with this pallet. Unfortunately, in this guide they describe the colours with words like stone, wheat, etc; and I have no idea which shade they are talking about.

I expected this pallet to be a lot smaller. The day-to-night idea suggests carrying it around in a bag and it seems to be for that. I also don’t like the case; I have a lot of dramas opening it and wish the lead went back a little further.

Final Thoughts
Total Price: $111.99 (free delivery for over $75.00)
Total Value: $241.99
Total Saving: $130 (54% off)
I hate looking at how much I spent (I may have to give up take away coffee and weekly lunch out for a while), but the saving was very good and I suppose there is some justification hat I had been thinking about buying a couple of these any way.

Today I tried out a few of these products (and the lippy from my BellaBox) and was rather impressed); even though it was horribly damp and I had to run to make the train, other than needing a touch up of powder my makeup stayed in place and all the colours were good for me to. While I’ll have to give it all a bit more of a road test, I’m quite happy with my haul (f I ignore how much I spent)

Have you tried the NP set brand? I would love to hear your thoughts on it.


  1. great savings and amazing haul...i like the day and night palette but I cant afford to spend more $$ at this stage I have gone beyond my monthly limit already lol...I dont like to look at the amount I spend as well because than I feel guilty...I'll rather not look...let me know if you like the foundation I'm on a hunt for a holy grail foundation,,,

  2. Hullo! I've been enjoying reading your blog and have nominated you for the Leibester Award : ). See the rules etc here:


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