Tuesday, 19 August 2014

August Bellabox 2014

Hiya All!

It’s that time of the month when subscription boxes star popping up at the front door. As seems to be the norm, BellaBox is first this month and a lot earlier than last month.

For those who don’t know; Bellabox is an Australian monthly beauty subscription, available from Bellabox.com. It costs $15 a month and you receive 5+ beauty products mailed to your house.

For August BellBox has decided on the theme “Sport Your Style”. From the moment this theme was announced I have been confused about what is actually means and had low expectations for the August box.  This hasn’t exactly changed.

It also seems that BellaBox has decided to drop the categories from the products. If you check out the product cards in from the last two months July and June you can see that after each product name there is a category. I feel that these categories were fun to look at and I’m sad to see these go.

Aveeno Daily Moisturising Lotion
RRP: 354ml for $12.99
Received: 29ml (approx. value $1.06)
This was actually one of the sneak peek products this month, which is something I find as a bit of a joke; aren’t seek peaks meant to get you excited about the coming box? I would be surprised if anyone didn’t have at least one of these samples about. I’ve got them from Subscription boxes, magazines, as GWPs and even from my dermatologist. I currently have about five lying about and I would never buy this product, not because I don’t like it but because I’m almost guaranteed to get a sample very few months.

That said this is a nice rich, gentle multi-use moisturizer. I’ve even used it on my face in the past with ok results.

Skinlite Mask
RRP: one 18g mask for $3.50
Received: Full Sized (value $3.50)
I love facial masks and have a shoe box full of them, so I’m happy to see this one. This is a relaxing and calming sheet mask with collagen and vitamin E. Apparently the sheet of this mask is made from ‘Natural Pulp’ but they don’t say what sort, so as far as I know it could be paper (that’s wood pulp right?). This mask seems to tend more towards the hydrating side of the mask spectrum.

As I said I’m happy with this product, but really how is it supposed to relate to sport style? Are you supposed to wear it while you work out?

Burt’s Bees Readiance Day Cream
RRP: 55g for $39.95
Received: 7g (approx. value $5.08)
Burt’s bees is a great Australian brand. This particular day cream has royal jelly, which is supposed to be one of those wonder ingredients.

This cream seems to be very nice with a mild fruity scent. I look forward to using this, however I do prefer day creams with a SPF. Also how cute is that jar? It is glass with a tin lid. When I’ve finished the product I’m definitely keeping that (for what I don’t know)

Coconut Revolution Body Scrub
RRP: 250gm for $24.95
Received: 50g (approx. value $4.99)
I do know about this brand but I’ve never tried it, as I’m not that fond of coconut scent and I try not to keep coconut products around the house as a few family members are allergic to coconut (consumed and on skin). However, this scrub doesn’t seem to have as strong a scent as some coconut products.

This is a hydrating (non-soap based) body scrub and it really is quite thick without an over load of exfoliators. So, other than the coconut, this seems like the kind of scrub I like.

Australis Lipstick
RRP: 4g for $12.95
Received: Full Sized in Australis Brown (value $12.95)
Apparently I could have gotten the lipstick or a lip and cheek combo; neither of which shout sport to me, but whatever.

I have a bit of a fondness for Australis products as the first “adult” makeup I brought was from them. I find that the quality of their products tend to be OK. However, this particular stick has little bubbles on in it which are a bit off-putting.

When I first saw this colour I was kind of disappointed as I’m not that fond of browns, but after trying it on I really like it. This lipstick is a slightly sheer cream which can be built up for a stronger colour. It is also moisturizing but tends to fade quickly.

BonusPalmer’s cocoa Body Butter
RRP: 400ml for $9.99
Received: 5ml (approx. value $0.12)
This is another moisturizer sample which pops up all over the place, but this one is in the hated sachet form. Once again this is a decent product but nothing special.

The box cost the standard $15 and the contents has an approximate value of $27.70
This included two full sized products and four samples.

This is probably the most bland and cheapest box I have received from Bellabox. After looking on Facebook, I’ve seen that all the boxes seem to be a little bland, but as always there is a price variation and this is about half the value of one other I’ve seen. Bellabox does seem to be a bit like a lucky dip and sometimes you get a good box and sometimes it a little bland. BellaBox claims that there are no good or bad boxes, but you just need to look at the value variation and customer responses to know that this is not entirely true.

Anyway I didn’t really expect much out of this month’s box given the theme and I hope the next one is a little more exciting.

Have you tried any of these products? I’d love to hear about or experiences and about the box you may have received.


  1. Thanks for sharing your box, it looks pretty good. I like the look of the Australis lippy & coconut body scrub. :)

  2. Hmm agree - not the most exciting box. Maybe I'll hold off on subscribing again for a while. Thanks for the review : )


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