Monday, 18 August 2014

Happy Skincare Product Review

About a month back I was sent a voucher code from Happy Skincare to receive a free
‘Sweet Dreams’ Softening Foot Treatment with any purchase. I had trialled one of their products in Bellabox before and had been eyeing up the Super-Sized Discovery Pack, so I jumped at this offer. 

Basic Brand Info
Happy Skincare is an Australian skincare brand with an emphasis on organic, 100% natural, cruelty free products. They offer quite a large range of products for skin, hair, hands and even mineral makeup. I personally feel that the product pricing on this brands website is very reasonable. To find out more about this brand checkout their website

Super-Sized Discovery Pack
Cost: $19.80 (plus free delivery)
Recived: Cloud 9 Deep Cleansing Balm 20ml,
Raindrops on Roses Hydrating Tonic (for normal, dry & sensitive skin) 15ml,
Good Vibes Omega Facial Oil 5ml and
Pig In Mud Mineral Mask 4g
Full sized pack: two months’ worth for $97.90

These are the products that I choose to purchase for my free foot cream. This is a sample sized pack of Happy Skincare’s four-step skincare regime. I love the idea of this trial pack. It offers approximately two weeks’ worth of products, allowing for a good trial. You are also given an option between a pack for ‘normal, dry & sensitive skin’ of ‘oily & combination skin.’ Also if you add this pack to another order from the sight and take to consideration the free delivery it will only cost $9.90.

Cloud 9 Deep Cleansing Balm 20ml,
Full sized: 80ml for $34.10
This is a soap free cleansing balm. The idea is to mix some with a wee bit of water, then massage it in to your skin and finally remove the product with a damp cloth. This process should get away all of our face nasties (including makeup) without the harsh chemicals in conventional cleansers.
I’ve heard great things about this products and was excited to try it, but it did take me a while to get used to it and doesn’t give as good a clean as my normal cleanser. I found I needed to double cleanse with this balm.

Raindrops on Roses Hydrating Tonic (for normal, dry & sensitive skin) 15ml
Full sized: 100ml for $34.10
This is a wonderfully rose scented toning mist, intended for use after cleansing but with lots of other uses too.

I’m a big fan of spray toners and I love, love, loved this one. It smells divine, works great and I feel it’s on par (if not better) than some similar products I’ve purchased for twice the price. The only problem I had was that I went through this sample much quicker than the others I used it all throughout the day. I’ll definitely be purchasing the full sized one.

Good Vibes Omega Facial Oil 5ml
Full sized: 30ml for $34.10
This is step three in the facial regime, a moisturizing facial oil. This oil offers a mix of omega oils to offer a non-greasy moisturizer.

If you’ve not used a facial oil before he idea can be a bit scary, but I have been using rose hip a occasionally for a while now. Happy skincare suggests using this oil by itself as a moisturizer, however I find that sometimes it’s just not enough and after letting it set in I then use a regular moisturizer. This is a nice facial oil but I do prefer my rose hip.

Pig In Mud Mineral Mask 4g
Full sized: 40g for $34.10
This is a detoxifying mud mask. Unlike many mask you buy this one has to be mixed up, meaning you’ll have to have a brush (I use a somewhat dodgy foundation brush for all my masks) and something to mix it in. It seems to me that this would extend the shelf life of the product and limit the need for preservatives.

This sample comes in a sachet but it has a zip-lock seal so it keeps the second use fresh and I’m not complaining. The instructions said to mix together 1sp of both mask and water together the first time I did this and ended up with brown water; it was a bit like painting my face with water paint, but it did kind of work and gave good results. Next time I mixed the water in drop by drop until I was happy with the consistency.

Other Products

TLC’ Intensive Repair Oil (?)ml and
Normally: 100ml for $27.50
I got this product in my March Bellabox, it was the first time I heard of this brand. This is one of those skin oils which is supposed to work for nearly all skin woes. This oil has a strong herbal scent, it reminds me of the henna past I used to use. Some people may find this as a turn off.

This is not the sort of product I would normally buy for myself, as I find it hard to believe the claims they make. I did give it a try though; I used it on patches of dry skin (worked nicely for this), on my face (a little oily) and on my stretch marks (saw no difference). However, I then tried it on a small cut on my arm (seems healed up very well) then I notched that the scar above it seems to have faded since I’ve been putting TLC oil on it. I wouldn’t have believe that this would actually work, but it seems that it has.

‘Sweet Dreams’ Softening Foot Treatment 100ml
Normally: 100ml for $29.70
This is the product that I got for free with my purchase and I must say I love a good foot cream. This one is a little different to most foot creams that I’ve tried. Generally I find that they are really greasy and take a long time to sink in, but this one is different. While ‘Sweet Dreams’ is still a rich cream it seems to be absorbed really quickly. This is good as you don’t need to worry so much about getting foot cream all over the place.

I’m not that fond of the scent of this foot cream, which is surprising since it is made up of a few of my favourite scents, this is probably due to there being to many fragrances mixed together. Anyway the fragrance seems to be Lemon Myrtle, Eucalyptus, Tea Tree and Peppermint.

Final Thoughts
Australian, organic, natural, cruelty free. This brand is ticking a lot of boxes and I think compared to many similar brands the products are very affordable. Although many of these products aren’t really my thing, I think there are still very good. My biggest complaint is that the packaging is not very good, but then most of these are samples so that may account this. There are still a few products I want to try from this brand in the future.

Who else has tried this brand and what have your thoughts been?


  1. OMG I love Happy Skincare! Glad that you've had a chance to try their stuff : ). I agree, the tonic is amazing. The Cleansing Balm - they have a couple of different ways to use it. Have you tried emulsifying it with water first? You can either do that or just whack it on and leave it for a while to do its magic. I agree though that it doesn't feel like it's cleaning quite as well as eg foaming cleaners and can sometimes leave some residue behind. Thanks for the review!

    1. I've only tried emulsifying the Cleansing Balm with water (sometime cheating and getting my Olay Fresh Effects Brush to do the work) I'll have to try it the other way too, thanks.


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