Monday, 4 August 2014

July Lust Have It FAB Box

This little parcel actually turned up on Thursday (I just haven’t gotten around to reviewing it), so technically that’s was July, but I imagine people will still be getting theirs this week. I do keep telling myself that I intend to suspend my FAB subscription, but I keep putting it off, this may also have to do with the cancellation date for the next month being before the current box arrives.

In this box you get 5 beauty products and accessories each month, from what I’ve seen the beauty products tend to be full size. For this box there are several subscriptions choices such as: introduction bundle, monthly, quarterly box, annual subscription. I have the monthly subscription at $35 per a month. It seems that there is only one variation of the FAB box each month, though sometimes product colours differ. Find out more here. From what I understand the rationale behind the FAB box is to get a range of ‘on tread’ products that have been coordinated to go together. It also seems that the cosmetics are chose to complement those in the Women’s box. find out more at Lust Have It

This month there was no sneak peek of what was to come so I had no idea of what to expect. Also, like the Women’s box, FAB is no longer shipped in a box but now in a plastic bag with a little bit of bubble wrap. I can see this leading to more breakages and damaged products.

Mineral Bronzer in Tassie Tan
RRP: 3.5ml for $45
This is the same brand as the eye-shadow from this month’s Women’s box. It boasts SPF protection, pure natural minerals and 100% cruelty free. The colour is described as a soft chocolate (not the description I would have used).

One thing I’m loving about this product is the tube. It has a little spinning inner lid (kind of like the cheaper packets of pepper). I’ve not seen this kind of lid on powdered makeup before, but I sure am loving it; it gives a lot more control over product dispersion and makes spillage less likely.

I’ll point out I’m no expert on bronzer so I can’t really comment on the quality of the product but I do think it’s quite good. The product is much pigmented and you don’t need to use much. Personally I would describe the colour a shimmery copper. The texture feels nice and almost buttery.

You may have guessed that I don’t really use bronzer and even if I did I think this colour may be a bit too strong for me. However, this doesn’t mean that the product is wasted on me. It works great as an eye-shadow, especially with the golden Marsk one I go in my women’s box. It can also be dusted over a clear lip gloss for a light shimmery lip colour and I’m sure there are plenty of other uses too.

Mineral Blush in Watermelon
RRP: 3 ml for $45
Another product from Marsk, this time a blush. This one shares a lot of similarities with the above bronzer so I won’t say that much about it.

I’m fairly new to using blushes and still find them a bit intimidating; often I wear it a bit lighter that I probably should but I would prefer that to looking like a clown. I get the feeling that loose powdered blushes are not the best for beginners, as it can be a little harder to control and the strength of this one doesn’t help. Once again if you don’t want to use it as a blush there are other uses. I really over this one with blended over a clear lip balm.

Designer Brands
Outrageous Volume Mascara
RRP: $9.99
More DB, it seems to be popping up everywhere recently. I don’t plan on opening this mascara at the moment as I currently have a couple of tubes going and does have such a short life. That said I don’t have a good volumizing one at the moment and I do prefer them, so I may give in.

I’ve never bought DB products myself as it’s always seemed to be just another cheap brand, but I’ve been finding that some of the cheap brands are actually ok. So I’m hoping this will be a good product as the price is great.

LHI Accessories
Beautiful Blue Print Scarf
RRP: $24.95
Well I must say that this is the first FAB box accessory that I see myself getting lots of use out of. It’s navy blue with a lighter blue geometric print and I’m sure I can get it to work with plenty of outfits. This scarf is quite thin but man it’s huge; I would estimate that it is about 2m by 0.5m. (I’ve used this as the backdrop for my photos.)

LHI Accessories
Teal Bib Necklace
RRP: 19.95
I’m not that sure how I feel about this piece; on one hand I think it is a lot nicer than some of the jewellery I’ve seen in past FAB boxes, on the other it’s still quite a loud piece. It’s not the best of quality (wouldn’t expect better from fashion jewellery), yet it doesn’t feel like it’s going to fall apart. I’m also not that sure how it will tie in with my wardrobe, but I think I’ll give it a go and try to play around with some looks.

I paid $35 for this box and the contents is valued at $144.89.
I’m happy with this month’s box (bag?), each of the Marsk products alone are worth more than I paid and even though they may not be the best suited for me I’m sure I can get some use out of them. I also feel like the accessories are ones that I’m likely to use, which is nice for a change. Actually in the last two months the FAB accessories have seemed a more useable. I hope this trend continues. I’m still continuing my internal debate as weather to cancels this subscription, however I am getting the next box and I hope we do get a sneak peek this time.

Do you subscribe to LHI’s FAB box? Tell me what you think of this month’s FAB box.


  1. I haven't received my FAB box yet, but I did receive the email saying it had been sent. I can't check my account after maintenance over the weekend so I'm not 100% sure where my subs are at right now

    1. I hope your does turn up so. Strange to see that the My Subs tab has disappeared again and I cant find it under any other name this time. I hope they get that back soon as I do find Its helpful to keep track of whats going on.

      ~Annie V.

  2. Looks like a decent box! I really love Marsk packaging, and almost bought this box for that hehe. Definitely a good value package - hope you get use out of things.

    1. So far I have used every thing a few time (except for the mascara which I've put away for later). So far the FAB boxes I've gotten do seem to be good value, which does make it hard to stop getting them.

      ~Annie V.


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