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July Lust Have It Womens 2014

Hiya All!
What a day, not just one but 3 subscription beauty boxes turned up Friday. I think the postie has been hoarding them :P . I also had a busy day so I wasn’t even able to look at them till the afternoon, let alone write up my blog posts. Last up is Lust Have It bag (let’s call it what it is).

I’m happy to see that LHI’s Womens box came on time this month, however it looks like the FAB box is going to be late. To me it seems that the brand is having problems coping with having both boxes. To be truthful, I don’t mind getting the boxes a bit late, I just wish that LHI would be a bit clearer as to what’s going on.

In case you were wondering, the Lust Have It (LHI) is a monthly Australian beauty subscription service. The Womens bag is the flagship of this brand; each month you get 5+ beauty products to try, mainly samples and some full size. I pay $19.95 per month, but there are other payment options. Find out more at Lust Have It.

The front of this month’s info card says that next month will be LHI’s Birthday “box”, which sounds exciting. (Or is that actually the back, I can’t decide)

Marsk – Mineral Eye-Shadow
RRP: 1.2g for $24.95
RECIVED: full sized in Rich List (value $24.95)
One of LHI’s best features is that through Facebook each month you are given the opportunity to choose between two products. This month we were given the choice between a black or a gold eye-shadow; I chose the gold.

This is a really lovely subtle colour and I love that it’s not overly yellow. This shadow has a strong shimmer to it and a nice bendable consistency. As with all loose powder shadows I would suggest using an eye primer (was used in swatch) to help intensify the colour and keep it in place, also be careful of fall out.

Premium Spa – SOS Wonder Scrub
RRP: 150ml for $14.95
Received: full size (value $14.95)
According to the card this could have been one of three full size products from this brand: a wonder scrub, a moisture balm or a firming cream. I wouldn’t have minded getting any of these three. I’m happy that this product uses natural plant based exfoliates, as I often what impact the other types can have.  Unfortunately the product kind of smells like crushed flower petals and not in a good way. This does seem to fade.

Premium Spar is an Australian brand with emphasis on natural and organic ingredients. LHI sent me a clay mask from this brand a few months back and I love it, so I’m really looking forward to trying this scrub.

Ardell – Self-Adhsisve eyelashes
RRP: 1 pair for $9.99
Received: full size in 120S (value $9.99)
These a beautiful feathery looking lashes with a self-adhesive strip attached plus one to spare (but if you prefer lash glue I’m sure you could use that too.) If you read my June Bellabox review you may remember that I have problems with falsies due to my glasses. Unfortunately, I can tell that these will be to long for me. This is a pity since I think they look really pretty.

Designer Brands – Nail Polish
RRP: 12ml for $6.99
Received: Full Size in Glitterama (value $6.99)
This month LHI, like Bellabox, has also got a Designer Brands product. This brand it quite cheap and has never really appealed to me.

In the bottle it looks like a silver-grey with holographic glitter, but the polish is actually very translucent. This means that it can be used as a glitter topcoat, but be careful what colour you put it over as it does give a bit of a frosted effect. A couple coat on its own gives a pearly translucent colour with holographic glitter.

I put a coat over my current red nail polish and a couple coats on my toes (no prep other than washing as I was being lazy) and I’m actually quite impressed by this polishes performance. It may not be the best I’ve used but it’s not the worst either and since I don’t currently have a glitter top coat I think this may, be a keeper.

Aveda – Botanical Kinetics Hydrating Lotion
RRP: 150ml for $79.95
Received: 7ml (approx. value $3.73)
There was apparently the option of getting a cleanser from this range or a hydration lotion. I happy I got the lotion as I’m a bit over run with cleansers at the moment. This is a small sample but I’m happy that is comes in a cute little tube which is resealable. I can get a couple uses out of this tube.

There is a little blah-blah about emollients and naturally derived ingredients along with a scientific sounding name (which I find funny). In reality it’s just a face moisturizer. Yes it’s a quick absorbing moisturizer and yes quite a nice moisturizer, but still just a moisturiser. I don’t feel that it is worth the RRP.

Paid $20 (post included) received value of $60.61
Received 4 full size products and one sample.
Come on FOUR full sized products; three of which I’ll get plenty of use out of and the problem about the fourth is more about me than the product. Even more I’m importantly I got it in the month and not even the last week. The makeup bag we received this month is a plastic mesh and nicer than the previous two, with a better zip. And with a value three times what I paid, I’m super happy with this month’s LHI. I hope the company can keep it up.

Have you had any experience with these products? I would love to hear about it and about what you think about this month’s LHI.

~ Annie

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