Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Brand Love: MOR Modern Apothecary

First off I’ll make a comment on my inactivity over the last few weeks. I have been on holiday and despite my best intentions I just couldn’t find the time to post on my blog. Now I’m back and I’ve learnt to write ahead for such occasions. I’ve got lists of new and old beauty products, subscriptions boxes are on the way and I’ve bought tickets to this year’s IMATS; so there should be plenty to come.

Now on to my main post. While I was a way I commented on my collection of MOR products on a blog I follow. This got me thinking about the brands that I’m loyal to. I now want to share a bit of love for these brands and I’ll start off with MOR Modern Apothecary.

Basic Brand Info
MOR is and Australian beauty brand selling bath, body and lifestyle products. You can find the brand’s online store at the MOR Boutique . This brand offers a wide collections of good quality products, but what really draws me are the wonderful scents they use. I also Love the intensity and staying power of the scents in these cosmetics. All products are packaged beautifully, a definite plus for me. MOR products are available at Myers, David Jones, many chemists and a variety of boutique and gift stores.

These products are not the cheapest on the market but I feel that the prices are reasonable, I have a habit of buying up this brand whenever I find specials (at the moment I have a decent size collection). Also, MOR have several collections available which vary in price. The smaller products in the photo bellow are from the Little Luxuries collections I always keep some of these around as they make great gifts and are handy for travel. Due to the price this is the first collection I brought from.


Marshmallow Collection
I first became aware of this brand in my early teens. It was probably the most luxurious brand my local chemist stocked. I feel in love with the marshmallow scent and dreamed of owning some of these products (I couldn’t afford them back then). Although I’m hopeless at describing scents I would say that it is a sweet musky floral scent. I love the quality of these products just as much as I love the scent.

I also loving that the Marshmallow Collection match my new birthday present necklace from Kagi


Other Products
The rest of my MOR collection is mainly made up of Emporium Collection hand creams. Having 12+ scented hand creams my seems excessive, but I use these for more that hand creams. I find that the scent is strong enough that I use them as a gentle cream perfume; dabbing on pulse point or mixed in to body cream. My only problem with this range is that the hand cream bottles all look the same in either the black or white variation, so I keep them in the pretty boxes for easy of telling apart. These hand creams are also great for their intended purpose, quickly absorbed and leaving a velvety texture.

I also love the Lip Macarons, they offer a nice rich hydrating gloss with a delicious scent. I keep these squirreled throughout my home. However, due to the formula and the testy lids I would not recommend carrying these in your hand bag.

Additional Notes on the Brand
Most MOR scents are available in a variety of forms (eg. hand cream, soap, etc), which make them great for layering and unlike some brands I find that the scents vary between products. Also Most of their scents are named after plants; but I find this can be misleading as there is generally much included in the scent, so I would suggest trying the product or reading the scent description. Finally, the consistency and texture of products can varies a bit between different scents in a collection. I find this does not impact the product and probably is due to the perfumes which are used.

I’m sure you can see that I love this brand; I’m curious if you have had any experience with this brand and what your thoughts are.

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  1. Great post, thanks (and good idea to write ahead sometimes - I'll have to do that too). I love MOR products. They feel special and don't cost an arm and a leg. Plus I love the packaging. My favourites are the hand creams but I'd like to try the body scrubs.


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