Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Priceline 40% off haircare haul

Priceline often has irresistible sales; Like today and tomorrows 40% of hair care sale. One of the things I love about these sales is that they gives you an opportunity to trial and experiment with dearer products and felling so guilty.

I know that some people aren't that thrilled with haircare products, but I’m constantly experimenting with vintage hairstyles and I'm yet to find the perfect products to assist me. Since I also had a loyalty points voucher for this month and needed to pick up a couple of everyday hair products I decided to pop in for a little splurge.

First up are dry shampoos. I know that these have been popular for a while now, but it's a fairly new product for me. I've not just been using this for in between cleans, I find that it's also great for creating the texture and volume needed for victory rolls and such. Polished London is the brand I've tried before but I've decided to pick up a couple others to try out too.

Polished London – Dry Shampoo in Blighty Brunette
Full priced: 150ml for $4.95, Paid: $2.74 ($1.98 saving)

Bastiste – Dry Shampoo in medium & brunette
Full priced: 200ml for $12.95, Paid: $77.7 ($5.18 saving)

Cedel – Dry Shampoo in dark hair
Full priced: 110ml for $7.99, Paid: $4.79 ($3.20 saving)

Next up I have serum and treatments. This is a category of product that I often struggle with. I'm a big fan of wet set pin-curls, but I can't quite work out what sort of product is best to start with. Do I want something that's going to help set, tame frizzy, add shine or protect against heat? I already have a small collection of products which I switch between, but none exactly what I need. I've grabbed a few more to add to this collection.

SCHWARZKOPF – Essence Ultime Crystal Shine 220 Heat Protection Spray
Full priced: 100ml for $14.99, Paid: $9.00 ($5.99 saving)

John Frieda – Frizz Ease Original 6 Effects Serum
Full priced: 50ml for $16.99, Paid: $10.19 ($6.80 saving)

SCHWARZKOPF – Extra Care Liquid Silk Gloss Leave in Treatment
Full priced: 150ml for $7.79, Paid: $4.67 ($3.11 saving)

 Finally I have “and sundry” products. Things I generally use and I’m running low on (shampoo) or  I grabbed just because (hairspray).

Cedel – Scented Hairspray Oriental Blossom
Full priced: 100g for $4.99, Paid: $2.99 ($2.00 saving)

Pantene – Aqualight Shampoo
Full priced: 350ml for $7.99, Paid: $4.97 ($3.19 saving)

Neutrogena – T.Gel Shampoo
Full priced: 150ml for $12.49, Paid: $7.49 ($5.00 saving)

So, taking in to consideration my voucher for $13.99; I spent $41.25 on $91.13 worth of haircare giving a total saving of $49.88. I

Does anyone have experience with any of these products or have you decided to indulge in Priceline’s 40% off haircare sale?

~ Annie V.

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  1. Hehe I was very restrained and avoided the haircare sale, only to go in a few days later when Mabelline products were half price! So hard to resist... I love John Frieda products, so will be interested in hearing how you went with the Frizz Ease. Looking forward to hearing what the dry shampoos are like also - I need one bc I recently ran out : )


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