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August Violet Box 2014

Hiya All!

This little guy actually turned up about a week ago, the August Violet Box; unfortunately as mid semester approaches if been super busy and just have had time to wright up this post. On the plus side this means that I’ve been able to give everything a good trial. This is the first moment I’ve been able to get to this so I’ll try to power through this post

Violet Boxes is an Australian beauty subscription which costs $22.95 ($16.50 + $6.45p&h); for this price each month they mail you a box with 5 to 6 beauty products to sample. From what I’ve seen this box tends to include more high end and luxury products than Lust Have It or Bellabox. You can subscribe to violet box from their website.

Evelyn iona lipgloss
RRP: 5g for $20.50
Received: 5 Full Size in Lise (value $20.50)
Strangely I found it a little hard to locate a size for this product, but Google did pull through in the end. This is a natural, organic, etc. lip gloss which even gluten free. As I’ve never had gluten problems this seemed a little strange at first. Truthfully I never even thought that lippy products had gluten in them (I’ll have to look in to this).  Considering lip products are the cosmetics that are most likely to end up in this mouth, this must be great news for people how have problems with gluten.

That aside, this is a lovely semitransparent lip gloss with a smooth buttery texture. The colour is just slightly rosier than my natural lip colour and adds a nice shimmer and shine (but not over the top). The lasting power is a little better than I’m used to for light glosses and there is no dreaded stickiness. The small doe foot offers precise application, though I would prefer if a little more product came out.

Foltene Eyelash Treatment
RRP: 10ml for $20.95
Received: Full Size (value $20.95)
A treatment to help restore, strengthen, thicken and promote growth for eyelashes and eyebrows. Although I’m naturally skeptical about this kinds of products I really do hope it works. My lashes may be in good health but they are a bit sparse and stumpy, also I’ve only got about three lashes visible on my bottom lid.

The application brush is just like a mascara brush, but a bit longer on one side. From what I’ve seen so far it gives the lashes a clear coat which does help them look a little thinker. However, I have found that if I’m not careful I end up with clear lumps on my lashes from too much product application. I’ve been using this twice a day and it’ll be interesting to see the effects after a few weeks.

Be A Bombshell Eyeshadow Quad
RRP: 4.8g for $22.00
Received: Full Size in  New York City Madrid (value $22.00)
Unfortunately, I can’t tell you about this product as mine came all broken up. I’m just glad it’s in a box and didn’t get all over the rest of my box. I’ve gotten in touch with Violet Box and they’ve already sent out a replacement which is somewhere in the mail. Also, this is the first time I’ve received a broken products in the mail.

EDIT: A little bit back I received the replacement for this shadow from Violet Box and I was thrilled to see I got the Madrid colour. I feel that the warm tones in this pallet are much better suited for my style. Once again a beauty box perfectly predicted what I wanted, as I’ve have been searching for nice nude-ish pallet and this is almost perfect (I would prefer a little less shimmer). These shadows are really nice and soft with a good colour pay off, except for Birthday Suit the only matte in the set. So far I have worked out one great look with this quad and I can see myself using it very often.

Camille Beckman Glycerine Hand Therapy
RRP: 170g for $18.95 OR 227g for 21.95
Received: 7.1g in Tuscan Honey (approx. value $0.79 (from 170g))
A sample hand cream in such a simple but beautiful tub. This is such a beautiful hand cream; its non-greasy formula leaves a beautiful velvety finish and a lovely sweet fragrance. A little bit goes a long way and I feel that the pricing is very reasonable. If I didn’t have such a large collection of hand creams (see some of it here) I would buy this now. Some boxes contained a different fragrance instead.

Appelles Rosemary Body Bar Soap
RRP: 100g for $5.95
Received: Full Size (value $5.95)
This product may be a little familiar as the last few months have seen it in: Bellabox, Lust Have It Womens and Lust Have It Eco. Luckily this is only the second time I’ve gotten it and I’m not complaining. I loved this some the first time and I still love it.

This brand started off as an upscale Australian hotel skincare range, but is now available for the public to buy. The brand supplies natural and organic products. So far this is the only product I’ve tried from their range and it’s been hard not to give into temptation and buy more. This soap is scented with lemon myrtle and rosemary, it smells edible and gives a new appeal to washing your mouth out with soap. It does all the lings a good soap should do and is absolutely divine. I should point out here that when it comes wash time I’m more of a soap bar girl so I may be a bit bias here. If you don’t use soap chuck it in your sock draw as an air freshener.

The box cost $22.95 and the contents have an approximate value of $70.1
This included four full sized products and one sample.

This is an amazing box! Sure I got a broken eyeshadow, but Violet Box have been happy to replace it. Every product in this box is something I look forward to using and I feel that there are now cheap filler products in it. On the down side my box was a little late. I do understand that the company can have unforeseen delays but I feel that a little communication about these delays would vastly improve the service, still this brand is no worse than any of my other sub boxes in this regard. I also love that we all get the same products. This may only be my second Violet box but this is becoming my favourite sub box.

Have you tried any of these products or received this violet box? I would love to hear your thoughts.

~ Annie.

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  1. Great review Annie, thanks : ). Definitely VB is the best! xx


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