Monday, 8 September 2014

August Lust Have It FAB Box 2014

A week in to September and my August FAB has arrived. I should probably explain that a actually got the woman’s box a week ago and have been too busy to do a write up. Logically I should see to that first, but excitement has gotten the better of me. I predict that feelings for this box are going to go two ways; nail polish lovers will be thrilled, while people who are not in to nail polish will hate it.

In this box you get 5 beauty products and accessories each month, from what I’ve seen the beauty products tend to be full size. For this box there are several subscriptions choices such as: introduction bundle, monthly, quarterly box, annual subscription. I have the monthly subscription at $35 per a month. It seems that there is only one variation of the FAB box each month, though sometimes product colours differ. Find out more here. From what I understand the rationale behind the FAB box is to get a range of ‘on tread’ products that have been coordinated to go together. It also seems that the cosmetics are chose to complement those in the Women’s box.


This month there was a Facebook poll to vote for nail polish colours; with the three highest voted colours going in to the August FAB Box. I thought that that meant that we would get one of the three and I’m thrilled to see that we got three each, two which I voted for too.

Butter London
Lovely Jubbly Nail Lacquer
British Racing Green Nail Lacquer
Crumpet Nail Lacquer
RRP: 11ml for $22 each
These three polishes are each listed as separate items and I do consider them to be, but as there the same polish in different colours I’m going to review them together. As I said, two of these are the one I voted for: British Racing Green and Crumpet. I would have been happy getting any of the colours as they were all so pretty.

It’s probably unsurprising to know that Butter London is an English brand, probably best known for its nail lacquers but they do sell other cosmetics. They claim there “shades are created for the catwalk alongside the world’s top fashion designers” and Butter London don’t use Formaldehyde, Toluene, DBP, phthalates or parabens in their products. I’ve wanted to try this brand for a while now, but I’ve never gotten around to it. I’m thrilled to get these, doubly so as I recently cleared out a lot of old polishes for my collection

I’ve never realised before that these lacquers have a double lid, but I think this is cute. I also like the practicality of the oblong bottles, makes storage a lot easier.

Since I’m not always the best at describing colours I’m going to quote Butter London’s web site 

Lovely Jubbly Nail Lacquer – A vibrant magenta nail lacquer flecked with red, blue and gold micro-particles. This sultry glitter channels a distinctly retro, 70’s feel. High impact sparkle for Disco Divas.
This is the colour I did not vote for, if I had seen it in real life I would have voted for it. The sparkles are just so mesmerizing, this is sure to be a stand out look. I’m hoping it’s not going to be just a thin glitter coat.
Lovely Jubbly and British Racing Green Nail Lacquer –
Two coats of each with base and top coat after two days wear

British Racing Green Nail Lacquer – A dark, hunter green nail lacquer that has been the backstage darling of many fashion show
This beautiful dark green has a slight shimmer through it. I’ve recently been looking for a dark green which doesn’t have too much blue in it and this meets the bill. Maybe not the most Spring-ish colour but I don’t really care about that.

Crumpet Nail Lacquer – Opaque, warm caramel creme.
Finally there is this lovely nude. I’ve never been a nudes girl, only recently buying my first nude lippy. Still I think I do need a few more of these conservative colours in my collection. Let’s hope that this one suits me.

Lovely Jubbly and British Racing Green Nail Lacquer –
Two coats of each with base and top coat after two days wear

Strangely I feel that these colours work well together and I’m even thinking of using a couple together (maybe I’m just impatient to try them; I haven’t even worn nail polish the last week in anticipation of this box) I’m looking forward to trying these all out and I hope to add picture and report on their durability.

Update: I have now given all three lacquers a try and they're wonderful. All applied opaque in two layers, even the glitter (never had that before) and you could probably get away with one coated for the solids. One the fourth day the glitter began catching on things leading to pealing so that mani came off, but the green would have still been wearable. I am up to the fourth day for the Crumpet and there is only a little tip wear and regrowth (my nails seem to be going through a growth spurt), I’ll probably take it off tomorrow since I want a change.
I had no problems removing the Green and Glitter and neither stained (though I did use a base with them)

LHI Accessories
Spring Crystal Bracelet
RRP: $29.95
Spring Crystal Pendent
RRP: $19.95
A with each LHI FAB Box there is a couple of what I would describe as “overvalued OTT costume jewellery.” However I feel that with each box I get the accessories become more and more wearable (I’ve actually been carrying last month’s scarf around with me all month). I find this pair rather cute (even if the pendent does resembles a beetle) and they sure do have a bit of spring flair. I’m also glad not to see any ear-rippingly-heavy earrings.

Also this “Box” came in the same makeup bag as the Womens “box”. There is also a repeat of some of the vouchers from the that box (I should get that write up done tomorrow)

I paid $35 for this box and the contents is valued at $115.90.
I love nail polish so I find it a bit hard not to love this box, the three bottles alone are worth about twice as much as I paid. Seeing the saving is sure to make anyone happy. However, for a person who is not into nail polish this box would be dreadful; I don’t know of anyone who gets it for the accessories.

Do you subscribe to LHI’s FAB box? Tell me what you think of this month’s FAB box.


  1. I'm not subscribed to this box and I'm glad I'm not
    I don't like to receive NP and that's just me lol
    But I do like both the necklace and that pretty bracelet
    Fab box and her fashion boxs are the only 2 I have not tried yet
    Thanks for an honest and great review

    Varinder Makeupmeandyoyo

  2. Thanks for the review! Nail polish is definitely not my favourite item, so I wouldn't have chosen to get this box. I'm not sure about including three polishes in one box - I'd much rather get a mix of things I reckon. Very glad you like the polishes tho!


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