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August Lust Have It Women's 2014

Hiya All!

Here is my August Lust Have It bag. While this bag did come late this month (seems like its late more often than not) it actually arrived early last week and I’ve simply been too busy to get to this write up. On the plus side, this does mean that I’ve been able to give everything a fair trail

In case you don’t know, the Lust Have It (LHI) is a monthly Australian beauty subscription service. The Women's bag is the flagship of this brand; each month you get 5+ beauty products to try, mainly samples and some full size. I pay $19.95 per month, but there are other payment options. Find out more at Lust Have It.

August is apparently Lust Have Its birthday month. Some subscribers may feel a little let down by the lack of makeup in this bag, but I’m very happy with what it contained. I also love that everyone got pretty much the same bag; a couple of the Women's bags have been like this now and I sure do prefer it as it stops the inequality problems that can otherwise happen (anyone been looking at the value range of Bellabox?)

Eleven Australia – Miracle Hair Treatment
RRP: 125ml for $24.95
Received: full sized (value $24.95)
This month there was no option to choose a product via Facebook, but we were given a sneak peek of this product and told every bag would contain one. This is a treatment which is supposed to do everything for your hair, except style it. It has eleven benefits listed, but to me many seem like variations of the same benefit.

Hair treatments and serums is a product category I’ve been experimenting with lately (Priceline’s recent 40% off sale helped here), so I’m very happy to see this product added. I’ve found that these kind of products either have a tutti-frutti or tropical/coconut scent; this one falls into the tropical group. I’ve found that this treatment works fell for the obviously noticeable benefits (it’s a bit hard to notice sun protection) without weighing the hair down. I haven’t tried it yet with a wet-set, so I’m interested to see how that holds. Otherwise I feel this was a great inclusion. It gets bonus points for being Aussie made

Essenzza Fuss Free Naturals – Facial Cleansing wipes
RRP: 25 wipes for $6.95 OR 8 wipes for 2.50
Received: Full Size and travel size in Cleanse + Refresh (value $9.45)
You could have received one of the three types available from this range: blue – Cleanse + Moisturize, pink – Cleanse + Refresh or green – Cleanse + Exfoliate. I was hoping for the pink as I’ve received the other two as GWPs; my luck pulled through.

These wipes have two sides, I figure you’re meant to use both side. First the bumpy one to help clean and then the smooth one to finish off. I haven’t opened this pack since I’m still working through the blue one, but from what I’ve seen in the varieties they pretty much do what you expect a face wile to do.

I’ve also tried the green boxed “Japanese Silk” masks from this brand and really liked them (hint, hint sub boxes).

BioElixia – Bodyshaper Stretch Mark Diminishing Cream
RRP: 125ml for $39
Received: full size (value $39)
Stretch marks are mars on the skin which so many of us have; I have a few prominent ones, but truthful I’ve never been that worked up about them. If they do worry you here is a cream which is supposed to “improve the visible appearance of stretchmarks”, there was even a study of ten women last year showing statistical significance!

If you can’t tell I’m a little skeptical about the benefits of this product. I’m not saying that this definitely won’t work; it’s just that I have difficulties believing what these sort of products imply that they can do.

That aside, this is a really nice cream which leaves the skin very soft and silky. I’m going to give this a cream a go, see what it does over a couple of months. Also this one is Aussie Made and Owned.

Bioderma – Crealine h20
RRP: 250ml for $29.99
Received: 20ml (approx. value $2.40)
The trend of micellar water isn’t exactly new anymore, but it is still popular and this is one of the leading brands. I’ve seen these samples before but I’ve never actually gotten one yet.

You may have realized that I can be quite skeptical about beauty products; the idea of micellar water is another products I’ve been a bit cautions of. Basically I thought you would have to use a lot of the product each time and that it wouldn’t be worth the money. But I was wrong, this stuff really is miraculous. You just need a little splash on a cotton pad and all your makeup comes off. It sure works a lot better than any makeup-wipe I’ve used and is much easier than more traditional cleansers and it’s great for sensitive skin. I’m now thinking of trying one of the cheaper brands available.

Marsk – Eyeshadow Brush Pro-Line
RRP: $28.95 each
Received: Full size (value $28.95)
Last month I received Mask makeup products in both the Women's and FAB box, this month we’re getting an eyeshadow brush from the brand. I’ve not actually tried it with the Mask shadow yet, but I’ve been finding that it is a nice multitasking brush, different to any I currently have in my collection. The soft silky bristles are packed quite densely and pick up the shadow nicely, while the flat shape allows for a range of uses. One down side is that it’s not clearly stated what the bristles are made off, even on the brands website.

Bonus – a variety of coupons and vouchers
What’s a birthday without a collection of vouchers you’ll probably never use? Also we it came in the same makeup back as also month, except for the BioElixia which didn’t fit.

Paid $20 (post included) received value of $104.75
Received 4 full size products and one sample.
There is not one thing in thins bag that I will not get use out of, not to mention that four of the products are full sized. Then consider that this box is worth 500% what I paid and you have a happy blogger. Hopefully Lust Have It will keep up this tread of sending out the same products to their subscribers, I just hate seeing that others have gotten a box/bag worth twice the price of mine. Finally a belated “Happy Birthday” to Lust Have It.

Have you had any experience with these products? I would love to hear about it and about what you think about this month’s LHI.

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