Friday, 20 June 2014

June Bellabox

Hiya All!

Yesterday my June Bella box arrived. I just love receiving my subscription boxes.
Fore those who don’t know; Bellabox is an Australian monthly beauty subscription, available from Bellabox. It costs $15 a month and you receive 5+ beauty products mailed to your house. 

This boxes theme is “Iconic Beauty.” Thought, to be truthful I fell that these themes only ever have a tentative link to the products in the boxes. Onto what was in the box.

 This month also included a ‘invitation message’ (read advertising) from Miranda


RRP: 300ml for $6.99 each
Received: 40ml Shampoo and 40ml Conditioner (approx. value $1.85)
Ok, I’ll tell you the truth; I’m not really a brand snob when it comes to hair care products and I’m more than happy to use supermarket brands and I’ll get a couple uses out of these travel sized bottles, so I should get a good idea how this product works for me. I like that Bellabox have included a shampoo and conditioner sample meaning I will be able to try them together.
These products are supposed to be silicone, paraben and dye-free and has a nice minty fragrance. I do find that silicon can cause some problems when I’m curling my hair, so hopeful this product should be good for that.
I’ll be happy to give this product a try and tell you how it goes.


RRP: 100ml for $49.95

Received: Full Sized (value $49.95)
I’m definitely happy to receive a mask. In fact I’ve lately become quite obsessed with masks and have acquired several clay, peel and cloth ones. So, I suppose that I do need a few more hydrating ones to even out the balance.
This product is for normal to dry skin and while I have combination skin I’m more than happy to give it a try. However, as you can see it is not a cheap product; unless it really wows me I don’t see myself repurchasing it. You can find this product here at KORA Organics.


RRP: 10g for $23.00

Received: Full Sized (value $23.00)
I’m not that fond of the idea of direct selling companies, but in the past I’ve found that Mary Kay has ok products.
From what I can work out this a pan for one of those build-you-own pallets. I don’t have such a pallet and the lose pan is likely to cause a few problems. At least it comes in a sturdy clip box.
This eye shadow has three mineral colours, which seem to be quite creamy and have a shimmer through them. The three colours make for an interesting combination, but I think I might be able to make it work. I’ll given them a test run and report back next month.


RRP: 50ml for $79.95

Received: Pure Vanilla 1.2ml (approx. value $1.90)
Between this and the Herbal Essence this month’s box has a really nice scent. Funnily this ‘Pure Vanilla’ is actually Madagascar Vanilla, Tonka Bean and Rich Heliotrope; but I quite like vanilla scents and this is a nice one.
This is a small but usable sample which I fell will harmonize nicely with a few of the MOR scented creams I use.

RRP: 65ml for $24.95
Received: 20ml (approx. value $7.70)
Another beautiful smelling vanillary products, though the orange peel seems a bit stronger to me. I’ve had a strong love for scented hand creams for a long time and I often use ones with lasting power as a mild perfume; this is another nice one to add to my collection. I’m also loving the silky non-greasy texture of this hand cream and it leaves my hands smelling like I’ve just peeled an orange
This hand cream has the added benefits of being certified organic, not tested on animals and made in Australia. The sample size would be great to carry around in a handbag, but I’m a bit cautious about it being in an aluminum tube.

Bonus – InStyle Australia Magazine

RRP: $9.95
Received: Full Sized minus this month’s gift iPad sleeve (approx. value $9.95)
I buy this magazine monthly and I was grateful that Bellabox told us ahead of time that they would be sending one so I didn’t double up. Personally I don’t miss the iPad sleeve.


RRP: 75ml for $39.00

Received: 5ml (approx. value $2.60)
This product comes in a sachet and I doubt that I’ll get a full use out of it But as I said I do love mask.
Beyond the directions and ingredients there is little information on the products package, but the Nutrimetics website says that it is supposed to keep skin hydrated up to four hours. We’ll see.

The box cost the standard $15 and the contents has an approximate value of $96.95. 
I am quite happy with the value of this box and I feel that I’m more than likely to use everything in it. All-in-all I think this was a good box.

Next month’s Bellabox post will include a brief review of the products from this box.

~ Annie.


  1. Looks like you got one of the better boxes! I agree that the products often have a pretty tentative link to the theme ; )

    1. I have seen that there is quite a variation in the value of the boxes this month. I suppose that’s part of the hit and miss nature of subscription boxes, though it’s not exactly fair. My box had more of a natural/ organic/ free-from feel to me. Which is a petty as the them ‘Iconic Beauty’ had such potential; thought I’m happy with this box.

  2. Hi Annie,
    Your box is definitely different to mine. Junes Bellabox is only my second box. I'm happy with the contents of my box, its just very different to yours. I have done a review on what I received -
    I think it is great to be able to compare subscription boxes with others.
    I look forward to your future posts.
    Kind Regards
    Aimee :)


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