Thursday, 19 June 2014

An Introduction

Hiya all and Welcome!
I’m not quite sure where to begin, there is so much that I want to say or feel like I shouldn’t say. I suppose all of that can come latter and for now I’ll just give a mini bio. 

I’m Annie and for some time now I’ve wanted to start a blog to share my thoughts, but I’ve always been a little too self-conscious about what people would think and about my ability to wright. However over the last year I’ve found a lot more confidence in myself and also found a topic I really do what to share about (though I’ll still admit that my literacy skills are still not the best, sorry).

About a year ago I went through a change of style (AKA degothasized) which has lead me to become a lot more aware of my appearance and very interested in hair, makeup and skincare. This process has obviously involved a lot of discovery and learning about the world of beautify; bringing me back to the reason for this blog.

Coming from an education background, I believe that learning is a social activity. With this blog I should be able to incorporate that sociality into this learning experience, as well as having a place to share my new found passion for beauty and other random stuff.

(P.S. Please note that I have not entirely given away my membership card for the alternative fashion fan club, just gone a bit retro.)


  1. Great intro - welcome to blog land! Looks like we started at about the same time : )


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